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12 Dec 2006 (updated 12 Dec 2006 at 19:57 UTC) »

Hi all, I finished fixing the mechnical problems on T.R.A.P. two days ago. I added another Hitec 422 servo to the shoulder for more lifting power, an aluminum servo horn to the base servo for more stabability and strength, a two servo bracket for the shoulder for the two servos to mount onto, and I added two rubber belts from a tape mechanism to hold the arm back a little but mostly help with loads on the lower arm. I also made a neat little LED light for T.R.A.P., the light uses an ultra-bright LED along with a 470 ohm resistor and clips right onto my Basic Atom Bot Board's pins because I used female crimp pins and it works nice, their also insulated because I put heat shrink tubing over the solder joints and the 1K resistor. I might put information on making them later on my site. They can bend and everything because I used solid copper wire. The ultra- bright LED can't be powered by an I/O though so I just hooked it up to the positive and negative 5vdc and it comes on when power is applied. I like it though, it lights up the electronics and everything in the dark, it's really bright. I also made one with a regular LED and it can be driven by an I/O, naturally. I'm glad I got all the mechanical issues worked out for the most part. I also added a 6 vdc 2A power supply for the servos. Now I just have to get my PS2 controller controlling T.R.A.P., I hope I get it working. I'll try to post pictures soon and hopefully some videos when I get it going, the only bad thing is they want have sound because I don't have a nice camera yet. I hope to get one soon.

Hey y'all! I still have a few mechanical problems to fix on T.R.A.P., and since I got my parts today I will start working on them tomorrow. I am going to clean up my weights for the base, paint em, and then I'll mount them onto T.R.A.P. I also have to tighten up the shoulder of the arm. After I do this stuff all the mechanical problems should be fixed. I may also go for a higher power AC adapter to power the servos and give them more power. I've already tried a few programs out. And when I finish fixing all the mechnical problems I am going to try a few more, and then I am going to start on the PS2 controller and getting it to work. Over and Out

30 Oct 2006 (updated 30 Oct 2006 at 17:39 UTC) »

Well, I got my OOPic-C working after all. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out what was wrong but I had to figure out which pin on the Atom Bot Board correspondid with the pin and I/O line on the OOPic-C. I tried a servo program out and it worked. I am glad that the microcontroller is still good because now I get to program in C. I guess I will either sale my Basic Atom or save it for another project. Well, I'm going to start on programing T.R.A.P. now and hopefully find some code for the PS2 controller or come up with some myself.

28 Oct 2006 (updated 28 Oct 2006 at 23:55 UTC) »

Well, things are taking a little bit of time on T.R.A.P. I got the microcontroller hooked up and it was blinking its oboard LEDs that let you know it is working(a diagnostic.) Everything went wrong when I tried to program my OOPic-C though. I was testing it out with a LED which I was trying to get it to blink. I had the LED hooked to the right pin inline with a 1k resistor and to ground, but the thing would just not blink, and I know my code was good too. I also tried a simple program that makes a servo motor spin all the way around, but to no avail, that didn't work either. I do not know what is wrong with my OOPic-C. I hope that I didn't fry it, but I am getting a reading from its EEPROM, I don't know. I guess I will have to look at it later. As far as I have read you put in the code, compile it, and then it should start executing, but mine is not doing a thing. For now though I have just ordered a Basic Atom. With the Basic Atom I will not be able to program in C, but at least I should be able to move on fairly quickly. I am also working on a few mechanical things on the arm, like adding the weights to weigh the base down, but also I have noticed that the servo horn that the actual arm is connected to is bending a great deal, so I am going to have to do something to ease the stress, asize that everything should go smoothly after I get my new micro put on and programed.

23 Oct 2006 (updated 23 Oct 2006 at 03:37 UTC) »

Well, I finished T.R.A.P.'s base and have mounted the arm onto it. All I have left to do now is mount and hook up the electronics. I also need to weigh down the base so that the arm doesn't tip over when it's fully extended. I hope to have T.R.A.P. going soon. Here is a link so you can see a picture of it: http://madcybo rgscientist.tripod.com/

Hi, I finished putting my robotic arm together today, actually just the arm itself and I still have to build the base and mount the electronics and then start programing my OOPic-C microcontroller. Yes, I have decided and bought an OOPic-C microcontroller for this robot and I am going to program it in C. I am calling this robotic arm T.R.A.P. which stands for "Testbed Robotic Arm Platform." I am going to build the base from dark-blue sintra. I don't know how I am going to weigh it down so the arm doesn't tip over but I got to find a method of doing this. The board that I am using is a Mini Atom Bot Board. First I am just going to do some simple motor control programs and then I will advance to other stuff. Also I am going to control it with a PS2 controller. I also have a Sharp GP2D12 IR Sensor that I am going to use as a sensor for the arm to know when an object is present. After that I hope to buy a CMU Vision System and experiment with it. I hope to get somewhere with this project very soon. I'll hollar at ya later.

Hail Dr. Who! Long live the show!!! I love it a whole lot and will always watch it. I love British stuff anyway but I really love the show because of the doctor and the robots and other tech. I am one American who is sold on the show.

23 Sep 2006 (updated 23 Sep 2006 at 19:32 UTC) »

I love Doctor Who! Marev, are they playing the new season there already? Just curious. I hate they got rid of the old doctor though, he was cool and fun. I can't wait for the new season to start anyway, but the new guy doesn't seem as good as the old one.

I have added some pictures of some of the robots to flickr.com. Here is the address:http://flickr.com/photos/madcyborgscientist/ I will probably add more soon.

I am not doing any robot work at the present moment but sometimes this week I am going to start on my projects again. First I am going to build the Turbot named Flip-Flop or Triad, I haven't decided yet. The Turbot is going to use a PT Solar Engine that is operated on a 1381C Trigger. The body I have already made which is cut from a peice of dark blue sintra that I bought from solarbotics.com. I can't wait to finish the bot and it should turn out nice. Next inline after that is a few more projects that I have planned. One being a Pummer and the other being a Photovore, maybe. I am going to start on my arm soon and I keep saying it but I have to keep telling myself to get done with these other robots before I start. I really want the thing to be cost affective though. I guess I will have fun with my BEAM bots intill I get to the point and made final decisions for the arm. Tonight I have to go help set- up sound equipment for my church since I will be the sound guy. Well, I'll keep you posted as new developements take place. Bye for now, my fellow roboticists.

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