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Thanks for your suggestion andycamach. I totally haven't even thought of a basisX for this robot. I of course have heard of them and even thought of using one in a project before but I haven't thought about them for a while so I totally fogot about it. I think I will be using the Basic ATOM though because of the servo commands and the onboard servo controller or which is basically like a servo board anyway. I am going to use servos so I thouught and still think this board would be good for this project. The only thing I don't know is if this controller is compatible with a CMU Vision System which I would like to add later on. I have been wanting to get my hands on one since I started robotics. -Botnerd-

9 Aug 2006 (updated 9 Aug 2006 at 01:39 UTC) »

What have I been doing lately? I have been building a few BEAM robots. I am also waiting for payment from selling my BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit on ebay. After I receive the money I can then buy the parts for my robotic arm that I am going to build. I still haven't fully decided which microcontroller I am going to use but I am thinking about using the Basic Atom. I still do not know about it though. If I don't do that I will probably go with a AVR or something like it. I just want to build a robotic arm for a testbed for programing so I can learn programing as I go along with the robot but also I just think it would be a fun and cool project. I still do not have a name for the arm yet. I do not have much time though because I will be leaving for the Navy. I hope to build a few more robots before I go though. Hopefully I will still be able to build them while in the Navy but I will probably not have much time. I hope to do somekind of robot project in college. I plan to build a few more BEAM bots before I go because I just find them fun but they are not the main things that I hope to do. I hope to build this arm and get a purdy good ways with it before I go but also I hope to build a few more bots. I hope to get somewhere soon.

30 Jul 2006 (updated 30 Jul 2006 at 14:25 UTC) »

Hi, Right now I am trying to sell my BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit because I decided to use a different controller for my robotic arm. If anyone is interested in buying it you can follow this link to where it is for sell on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/BASIC- Stamp- Discovery- Kit- With- BASIC- Stamp-2- Serial_W0QQitemZ260013377106QQihZ016QQcategoryZ50915QQssPage NameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Also right now I am waiting for my parts from solarbotics so I can finish my BEAM robots. Its been two weeks since I ordered my parts and they have went past the 8-13 days that my shipment was suppose to come in. It's taking forever. It might endup being a month in all once its all said and done.

Hey, I have not got to build any robots lately. I am waiting on some parts to come to build a few more BEAM bots. I really want to build that levitating one but I dought I will have the time to build it before I leave for the Air Force. I still have to call my recruiter and get whatever I need from him and then it is off to my local MEPS where I will enlist. So in about a month I will probably be posting from a base. Actually it will be longer than that because I will have to go through basic and I do not think they will have internet access. That is going to suck when I don't get to read articles on here and know what everyone is doing. I am going to miss a lot of stuff. I want get to build any robots either. I will have to pick back up on it when I get stationed somewhere, that is if I have time then because college and the Air Force alone is going to be a full time job and not to mention my girlfriend. So I am going to be purdy busy. I very well might not to build robots intill I am out of the Air Force in 4 or six years from now. 2010 or 2012. Well as soon as I get done with my BEAM bots I am going to start on my robotic arm. I figured up some parts that I will need from lynxmotion and the total just in servos and mechanical hardware is $162 not counting shipping and handling so I am probably going to spend a boat load. I am just going to use it to test out programs that I come up with in PBASIC. I am thinking of making it gyroscope controled. Its an idea. I know there are cheaper ways to control a robot with motion but I am anxious to use the technology. I just hope I don't put more than $400 into this project. It looks like I am going to put $500 or more into but I dought I will be free long enough to do everything I want with it. I will be in Texas probably doing basic training. Then later I will somewhere else doing technical training so robots are still going to be a long ways away. Will I ever have free time for robots????!!!! I hope. I have it now but it is not for long. I hope to get moving along soon on this project, I will be if I get my parts soon enough. I should beable to build the arm in a day if everything goes to plan and then I can start programing her. I still need to come up with a name for it. I had one but I forgot it. I guess I need to rack my brain intill I remember it. Well ill post more later as there are new developements. Bye for now my fellow roboticists.

Hey, well I am done with high school now. I passed all my exams and now I am waiting for my graduation ceremony. I am going to try to get in the Air Force soon and hopefully make it in. Robot stuff, well I thought about using my BASIC Stamp 2 and Board of Education but the more I think about and how simple it is the more I want to try another microcontroller that uses a more complicated language. If anyone has any suggestion for a microcontroller that is a few steps up from a Basic Stamp 2 please tell me. I have not mastered PBasic yet but I have learned a purdy good bit of it so far and it is really simple. I want to build a robotic arm to use as a test bed for programing. I was going to do some kind of computer based project but all that I have seen and read was automated controled with software and there was no programing invovled so I really want to use a microcontroller. Mabey some kind of PIC or other controller that uses a more complex language than PBasic. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I hope to get started on this project soon. I will probably use my graduation money on this project.

Hey everybody, I am not doing any robot building right now due to being unable to purchase parts. I have money but I have no way to order parts and there is nowhere near by to purchase them. Well, anyway, I am still doing some PBasic programing and I hope to be done with it soon so I can apply it to a project. Also I am wanting to build a simple steam engine right now but I have not been able to buy the parts for it aswell. In the mix of everything else I am wanting to build this really cool BEAM type robot. It is going to be a solar engine driven antigravity device. It is going to have a parabolicish shaped dish which will have electromagnets which will levitate a cube of neodymiun magnets. The coils will be powered probably by a solar engine that I will design. I need to build something that puts out alot of power to make the cube levitate. In the mist of all this I am also going to build a couple more BEAM bots. Probably just about three but I want to build them. I have a new web page now. It is with tripod. Here is the address of my page http://madcyborgscientist.tripod.com/

Well I am not doing any robot stuff right now, still, and it is depressing. I am mostly studying for my ACT test since last time I made a 15 on it and I need to make a 19 or better this time. Also I am trying to design a steam engine because I have wanted to build one forever and I just find them fascinating. I may just buy a steam engine kit but I haven't been able to find a cheap one. I am looking around the neigbourhood of $30-$40 if possible but I do not think you can find one that cheap. At least one that is somewhat complicated and neat. Also I am still doing some basic programing with my microcontroller and hope to use it in a project as soon as I finish the curriculem. I am probably going to sale my X box soon and games and a few other items just to have some cash for my projects. Soon I want even have time for robotics which is bad because now I have time for the most part but I don't have any money. When I go into the Air Force I will have money but no time because I will be in Active Duty and going to college at the same time. Will I ever get time for robotics and money, I hope? I do not even see how I will ever beable to compete in competitions since I will be in the military. I have dreamed of competing in many competitions and I guess that dream is slowly dieing. I wish there was another way!

Well I am back! Tennessee was not at all a fun trip. I am glad to be back home! I have been distracted from robotics long enough. Now that I am back I need to get a job. Wish me luck. Hope to get some robotics stuff done soon.

Hey, I haven't done any robot building lately. I have been thinking about my projects but I have not had any money lately to fund any projects. I sure hope I get a job soon. I put tons of applications into local grocery stores and restraunts but to no avail. Nobody seems to want to a hire me. Now I am being dragged off to Tennessee with my family for a spring break vacation. I really want to learn more about what is going on in the robotics world and actually start working on something again. I am still beating around the bush with BEAM robotics but I am starting to get bored with that. I need to get back on my programing basics and use the simple controler I have for some beggining project. I really do not know much programing so I thought it would be good to start out with PBasic. I will have this whole summer free but I still don't know if I will get much robot building done though because I may travel to Europe for the some of the summer and then in the fall I will have to sign up for the Air Force if I decide to go in that is. I am purdy much set on it though. I hope to get stationed in Europe but I still do not know what colleges teach American students. I wish someone could help me. I hope to take Computer Science or Mechatronics. And if it is avaliable I want to take a minor in Cognitive Science. Also I plan to take German but that will probably be as a elective or another minor. Then after it is all said and done I hope to be working in Europe on some ambitious project. It doesn't look like I will have any time soon to work on robots as a hobby. I really want to see Robonexus oneday but I will be stuck in the Air Force for 4 or 6 years. Well anyway, wish me luck.

Hey, I haven't built any robots lately due to the lack of funds. I am still thinking of robots I want to build though. I really want be able to build many robots if I do what I am about to do. I am thinking of entering some branch of the US Military after graduation. If I do so I will not have the facilites forsure to build robots or atleast very nice ones but this is my only way to pay for college and so I have to do what I have to do. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it! I still don't know if I can take all of the physical conditioning but I guess I will just have to endure and push myself beyond all the pain.

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