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8 Nov 2005 (updated 8 Nov 2005 at 01:58 UTC) »

Hi, I got some of my parts in the mail today, for the turbot im building for the online competition. I am still waiting for the rest of my parts to come in before I start to build. I am really excited and cant wait to see how this robot will turn out. Also I cant wait to see how the competition turns out and I hope the judges like my robot and hopefully I will score in a decent range. But even if I dont win I think I will have a really cool robot to add to my robot shelf and I will have loads of fun with just it. But I do really hope I do well and mabey win a robot kit in the competition.

I'm also still thinkning about what BEAM robots I want to build soon. I am thinkning of building a few BEAM bots that I havent built yet like mabey some turbots, headbots, photovores, walking, and mabey try some bicore projects later.

Also I want to say I really like your comic Jim Brown. I cant wait to find out what happens next and mabey I will actually get what it is talking about. I got what the first was talking about and I cant wait to read more. I love that these comics have been added to this site. So now when I visit the site daily not only do I get to check the latest robot news and what people have posted but also some laughs from these comics on here. I really like them!

1 Nov 2005 (updated 2 Nov 2005 at 04:20 UTC) »

I'm not doing much right now. I didnt do anything for halloween which isnt unusual because I have a family who does nothing on halloween and I couldent think of anything to do and even if I did I dought my parents would let me go out on halloween night. So for me Halloween is just another day. So I just stayed home and watched a movie on tv that I have never seen which is Jeepers Creepers(2001). Man im behind! I dont get to see many movies. I did get to see DOOM in theatres though and I thought it was good. But theres just something about the regular characters that dont have any powers or anything whooping up on zombies and evolved zombies, that is just disapointing. I loved the part about the 24th chromosome which makes humans super human with great strength and the ability to heal rapidly and increased agility aswell as increased intelligence and Grimm then whoops The Rock's butt after being injected with the syrem with this 24th chromosone in it.

Now I am getting ready to build my robot for the online competition. The past few days I have been down because I didnt think I would find a way to buy the parts since I have no money. But after my mom seeing how depressed I was is going to order the parts to build my bot and for a good reason because this competition means alot to me because its my life's goal to compete in many robot competitions even though this is a online competition it is a good start and its my first BEAM competition of any type aswell as my first online competition. I'm proposing to build a turbot for the competition and its going to be unlike any other turbot ever seen. The guy who is head of the competition , Brian Fields, said he has never seen or heard of a turbot with three motors. But also my turbot is going to be different from a normal turbot because it's not going to be photovoric.

Hey yall, I just finished LineRider2. The problem with it or problems with it were very simple ones and I cant beleive I didn't cetch them sooner. The first problem was the battery wasent brand new and was inadequate to run the robot's motors and ciruit and the other problem was I didnt use the motors that came with the PCB and compenents kit I used a tamya gear box I already had and it required to much power to run it and bogged the whole circuit down and stole all of the power from stall. But im glad I found out the problem and fixed it and finished this bot. Now I need free time to watch it go and I need more batteries. lol. Now im getting ready to build my bot for the online competition if things permit I mean as in being able to get more ideas for the bot and if I can get the parts to build it because right now I dont have a job and I have to beg for my mom to buy me parts. Also I have to use whatever junk I have laying around. I still need to get on my RS and I know its old now but I bought one in july of this year and still havent hacked it or done anything with it. I think my first mod will be some cool LEDs in his hands and I will go from there. Like I may turn him into a alarm clock that dances or something even cooler I dont know this is just some ideas.

18 Oct 2005 (updated 18 Oct 2005 at 01:21 UTC) »

Hi, things are not going good right now because I am trying to get my PCB and components to work but something is wrong because the sensors sense the change in light and the LEDs indicate that but the motors are not running so I dont know what is wrong and what I'm going to do but hopefully I can figure this problem out soon. I know this a kit PCB and components but something is wrong and its not working as it is suppose too. I mean I did everything acording to the instructions and rechecked my soldering but the motors are still not driving and I tried a switch where it changes from sensing black and white lines and everything cuts off and also once the motors did drive but it was for a second and then cut off but it did do it to the change in light but I guess I have a short somewhere. Well anyway I need to finish LineRider2 soon because I want to start on my robot for the online competition and even if I get to that point in my projects I still have to find a way to get the parts I need and right now I have no money and my parents are becoming tight so things look bad right now and I cant get a job intill next semester of school. Everything is looking down but I hope things get better soon, real soon. Also soon I may try a wack at a sterling engine made from aluminum cans and then after that do some more tesla coil stuff like I did last year and hopefully get some of his plans and decent tesla coil. Also im going to try to find some local robot compeitions soon. But in the mean time I got to tackle this robot(LineRider2) and then start on my robot for the online competition!

Howdie everybody,well right now im just trying to come up with new ideas for robots while trying to come up with design ideas for the robot im building for the online competition that solarbotics is helping host. I'm building a turbot probably and I have a few ideas so far and this will be my first online comeptition also my first turbot to build. After this or before I may start building my line following robot LineRider2 this weekend or sometime in the near future which I have had the parts for it for sometime but havent got around to building it yet but I have finished my solar roller which is named "Tri" a three wheeled solar roller that uses a 555 timer ic solar engine and its drive is made out of a walkman motor and pully drive system which I cut out to my own liking.

Hey everybody, right now things are still at a stand still I am a senior so my parents want me to focus on school so I can pass but I haven't got to build any bots lately because lack of funds and im highly depressed. So, I want get to have any more money for robots intill my parents cave to give this jobless high school senior (Me) money for his projects or if I am able to get a job next semester when my work load is easier ( being two acedemic classes and the other two I cant wait to take welding and landscaping). So right now im trying to think of where im going to be next year and where I want to work at in the coming months. When I get a job it will be my first but it want be my first atempt at getting a job because I have put one application into a place at age 16 but im 19 now and that was Chick Fa Lay but I really dont want to work in fastfood but I might if I have too. Not to mention my senior year has been a disapointment so far because of not getting to compete in the Science Olympiad but hopefully it will turn around and be a good year after all (yeah right!).

HI, I dont know if theres any christians here asize Jim Brown but I got saved today (8/28/05). I dont know if I will stay saved because I have been in and out of church so many times but I really want to try to stay saved. Well if theres any christians out there please pray for me. Thanks and God bless.

Hi, well things at school right now are awkward from the death of a student which was a girl that I didnt know. But there is some good news because thursday I was able to talk to one of my teachers for more than a few seconds and she said shes purdy sure were not having any involvment in the science olympiad this year. But I proposed to her the idea of our school competing in the South's Best robot competition and I gave her the web site address today and she said she will check into it. I hope things go good and im able to compete but its still not a sure fire thing yet and she might not be the one to be my coach because she said this new teacher Mr. Brown may do it but I really dont care who does it aslong as I get to compete. I mean this is my senior year and I want to have something like this to remember it by. Before I could only dream of competing in this competition but I already set things in motion and now I just have to wait and see what happens. I just hope im not disapointed though because I have enough things to be disapointed about but aslong as I get through this year I will be happy.

23 Aug 2005 (updated 23 Aug 2005 at 22:40 UTC) »

Hi fellow robotics hobbyist, lately I havent done any robotics stuff because one im depressed, two I have been destracted by a girl, three I have been doing school work, four I have been doing what my parents tell me, five I have no money or parts right now. I'm hoping things look up real soon! But right now I am still a senior and this year isnt off to a good start for a senior year, because I have no friends, I havent been able to build any robots, and to top it all off I realized that my school isnt going to be involved in the Science Olympiad this year and the teacher that was incharge of our group for our school is gone right now. So this year isnt looking good. Plans for the future I hope to get back on my robot projects soon real soon, I hope to finally get past my parents leash on me so I can travel and compete in robot competitions, I hope to graduate high school this year although first semester right now is a bore I mean I love Anatomy class but PE, Geometry, and English 12 are the real bores for me but mostly PE because I love to learn. Also if I succed in graduating this year I also have to score good on the ACT to get into college and thats going to be tough for me stating the fact I made a 15 on my last ACT test. But if I succed and make a good grade on the ACT and get accepted into college im going to try to get into computer science as my major and cognitive science and german as my minors not to count the required courses, but I have alot of work to do and I need to overcome alot to do it. I hope that yall wish me luck as I take on the world and try to overcome. I hope to be a influential figure but right now im just a undiscovered potential.

3 Aug 2005 (updated 3 Aug 2005 at 03:59 UTC) »

Hi all, I havent done any robotics stuff lately because lack of funds but I hope to manage to get some parts bought soon. I just got my license like the week before last but my parents still want let me go anywhere and want let me get a job so im not going to have robot money anytime soon. Depressing. Also school starts soon so i'll have even less free time, but for the rest of the year im going to think about my robot design for the Science Olympiad Robo Ramble competition. I hope I do good, because last time I was highly uninformed and I didn't have a bot that could do the task but im going to be ready this time. I hope to whoop some butt in this competition, because im a senior and I want get to compete again after I graduate.

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