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27 Apr 2005 (updated 27 Apr 2005 at 21:54 UTC) »

Hey,does anybody know where I can find information on building a radio controled robot or a infrared controled robot? Im building a robot for the Science olympiad thats going to take place next year and im trying to come up with an idea before that time because year I didnt come up with an idea intill it was a few weeks from the competition.I wanting to build one that can control a arm and a base with differential steering.I was hoping to some how build one with a basic stamp and a infrared controler with a infrared reciever.So if you know of any information or kits I could buy please email me at madcyborgscientist@yahoo.com. And by the way I need something thats in the hundred dollar range because thats all my school is giving me to work with.

29 Mar 2005 (updated 29 Mar 2005 at 22:45 UTC) »

Hey,im not doing much right now because the lack of money but I did recently build another robot named Tankbot which is a infrared tank hacked to have two modes:(1)which is what you can already do with the toy infrared controled tank is control it with the controler(2)The robot can be autonomous and evade obstacles with discrete components and sence obstacles using a micro switch with extender attached.I built the circuit from parts I already have on hand.I used one of Mark Tildens sumo circuits for the robots obstacle avoidance circuit.Soon I hope to build a few robots I have planned using discrete components and then move to more complicated stuff.Very soon!Hopefully next year I can compete in the Science Olympiad Robot Ramble competition for the second and last time.

20 Feb 2005 (updated 20 Feb 2005 at 15:10 UTC) »

Well saturday the Robot Ramble Science Olympiad competiton didnt go so well because when I got there I found out that the goal was not like a soccer goal like I prevously thought it was opnened at the top instead.It was awful because I designed my robot to mainly scoot objects across the floor but since the goal was opened at the top there was no way I could get a single object into it or pop the balloon inside.But my robot does have a arm which I was going to scoot objects with and that didnt work so I tried to lift them with the arm but it was no use becuse it only went halfway the hieght of the goal(which measures 30cm cubed).The robot was built from a kit which my school bought from Edmund Scientifics and its tethered control with differential stearing.A group of two girls did the best they had a platform from a carpetrover like the ones lynxmotion sells and it looked like their controler was from a radio ctronled air plane which they used to control the carpet rovers servos.They did the best because they poped the balloon but they nor anybody else got a single object into the goal.Hopefully my new design will win next year.Its a preety good one two just building its going to be a challenge.

Im not doing much right now im waiting and till I get some money to buy a bread board and components of David Cooks line follwing circuit or find another circuit to up grade LineRider1 to the next stage LineRider2.And I want to buy a Robosapien soon to hack.

8 Feb 2005 (updated 12 Feb 2005 at 20:38 UTC) »

Things are a little better now I got a network card and after we get are dsl lines installed ill be hooked up.

Right now im modifying and testing a tethered control robot that will move obojects into a goal and pop a balloon.This robot is in kit form and is powered by two D batteries.Im entering the robot into a Science Olympiad competition thru my school and the competition is called robo ramble.

Hey,right now im just building a few more bots from discrete components.My LineRider1 im thinking off changing soon adding a better working linefollowing circuit but also theres a few more bots im building.I also hope to get my hands on a robosapien soon because I havent had the money to purchase one yet but when I get one ill be doing hacks and stuff to it.And I cant forget I bought a kit robotic arm which im going to hack.Im going to use it as a test bed for programing.

2 Jul 2004 (updated 2 Jul 2004 at 15:44 UTC) »

Hey,I finally finished LineRider1 and im happy too.Ill be putting LineRider on this site soon.LineRider1 still has one minor problem but im going to fix it as soon as possible.

23 Jun 2004 (updated 23 Jun 2004 at 18:43 UTC) »

Hey,im having trouble finding the photocells I need for Linerider1 so could somebody give me some electronic component supplyer site addresses.O ,and the photocells I need are 5 ohm light and 20 ohm dark.Please tell me if you know were to get them.Heres my email address Botnerd@aol.com

6 May 2004 (updated 17 May 2004 at 11:58 UTC) »

Hey to all,as soon as I recieve my parts in the mail and add them to LineRider1 then it should be complete.The parts I ordered were not compatable so now im orderting parts that are.

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