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Hey,right now im just building a few more bots from discrete components.My LineRider1 im thinking off changing soon adding a better working linefollowing circuit but also theres a few more bots im building.I also hope to get my hands on a robosapien soon because I havent had the money to purchase one yet but when I get one ill be doing hacks and stuff to it.And I cant forget I bought a kit robotic arm which im going to hack.Im going to use it as a test bed for programing.

2 Jul 2004 (updated 2 Jul 2004 at 15:44 UTC) »

Hey,I finally finished LineRider1 and im happy too.Ill be putting LineRider on this site soon.LineRider1 still has one minor problem but im going to fix it as soon as possible.

23 Jun 2004 (updated 23 Jun 2004 at 18:43 UTC) »

Hey,im having trouble finding the photocells I need for Linerider1 so could somebody give me some electronic component supplyer site addresses.O ,and the photocells I need are 5 ohm light and 20 ohm dark.Please tell me if you know were to get them.Heres my email address Botnerd@aol.com

6 May 2004 (updated 17 May 2004 at 11:58 UTC) »

Hey to all,as soon as I recieve my parts in the mail and add them to LineRider1 then it should be complete.The parts I ordered were not compatable so now im orderting parts that are.

11 Mar 2004 (updated 21 Jun 2004 at 20:54 UTC) »

Hey,I just wanted to thank all of yall who certified me to master level thanks so much.


8 Mar 2004 (updated 16 Mar 2004 at 15:53 UTC) »


1 Jan 2004 (updated 8 Feb 2004 at 19:47 UTC) »

Hey yall,im not really to busy on any robotics projects as to right now but when I get some more cash im going to finish LineRider1.

Hey,I havent written in a while so ill tell you about what im doing im waiting for my parts to build LineRider1 I was going to build it using the schematic out of the book but since that circuit didnt work I came up with my own circuit for a line tracing robot Ill begin on it as soon as I get the proper parts and after I complete it im going to test it out and then start on my next robot.

6 Sep 2003 (updated 24 Mar 2004 at 18:06 UTC) »


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