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I am the Club Secretary for the HomeBrew Robotics Club in Silicon Valley. I have built 4 robots .... all of which are mobile autonomous bots with varing behaviors. I am interested in all aspects of autonomous robotics and while I have an undergraduate BS in Marine Engineering with minor in electrical engineering, my career was in a non-technical field. I have ham radio license (call sign W6RRF) amd following my retirement, I did two years of post graduate work in mathematics at Stanford. I enjoy reading and self study and I do a lot of technical reading to support my interest in robotics. I published a non-technical article in Popular Electronic about how to get started in the hobby of robotics and am presently co-developing, with Wayne Gramlich, the RoboBrick technology he inspired (see As a roboticist, I am probably a decent technician but my technical abilities are not comparable to the professional skills of Chuck McManis or Wayne Gramlich for example.


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