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Thanks for the certification! Oh yeah... HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! 2004 is going to be a great year no matter what happens. I believe that 2004 will see alot of great discoveries that will benefit humankind.

I'll be going back to school just to purchase some notes/books today. School starts on Monday and I'll be learning Basic Electronics(Theoretical I think...), AutoCAD, Practical Electronics and more.

My website should be completed by the end of today(Friday).

I've never written in diaries before...

Anyway have a great 2004!

Well, I'm currently working on a website.

The website will act as, what I call "..a fun and educational robotics information collective...".

I hope to upload the website "beta" by Friday, then discuss with my dad about purchasing a domain name and hosting by Saturday, then hopefully by 5 January, it will be a dot-com.

Oh yeah, school continues on the 5th of January too. Can't wait to get back to school. I'll be in first year, second semester. My polytechnic school year starts in July. Weird huh...

I will write more stuff in my diary soon.

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