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Well here is my list of things I'd like to accomplish:

* Build a flywheel based drivetrain that will power either a legged robot or a tracked, articulated robot similar to the sandia labs robots. I'm into multifunctional systems. The flywheel can act as a gyroscope and power source. I'd even like to go as far as putting a fuel cell on the robot that can be recharged with solar panels.

* a scanning 3D system to do enviroment mapping. Point coordinates would be fed wirelessly to my PC where the map is stored, processed and hopefully somehow incorpoarted back into the nav system of the robot. That's as far as my planning has taken me on that one.

* Using photo and temp sensors to build a "weather" map of my aptartment. Try to track time of day and effects of AC/heat on map eventually using sensor readings after history is built up.

* And of course the really important tasks of vacuuming and bugging the cat.


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