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Im about to get some DC motors from radio shack and build a $10 all terain car for a race im about to be in. Th race is located in my neiborhood, but the rules are no control over the car at all. That means you start it and let it go straight for about 1/2 block in all turains , water, sand ,dirt,street,grass,and and rocks. This is one of my minor play around projects.

Im just about to help my friend buid Hinoki(im really just watching and learning)but close enough. this will be a japanese class sumo.it has 2 single line detectors, Next step micro controller, 1 URS,and a lot of other variables in the equation.

23 Aug 2003 (updated 23 Aug 2003 at 14:48 UTC) »

Im just about to get some money to build my mini sumo BOT called YOUKOSO. After I build it im going to enter it in the DPRG table top in Dallas in 2004. I think im going to use a FIRST step micro controller, 1 URS ranger, 2 single line detecters, and a variety of other Lynx Motion products.iM A FRESHMEN in highschool and about to start work on a small tred system that will be used for any which thing I can put it on.

I am new but inteligent to robotics thanks to Nitro.

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