14 Jun 2002 Automiton247   » (Journeyer)

I just wanted to thank scienceboy2 and The Swirling Brain for certifying me as a Journeyer. I was very surprised when I noticed that my identification bar had turned from blue to green. Thank You!

I still have not decided on a new project, although the Boe- Bot that scienceboy2 suggested looks very tempting. A few weeks ago I bought a small TAB robot in a kit from Barnes & Noble. I also bought a Basic Stamp for it. I will start learning how to program the Stamp within the next few days. I figure the kit would be a good (and fairly cheap) introduction into Basic, but we will see.

I also bought an I-Cybie a month or so ago, half price over Amazon.com. Of course, the day after I ordered it, I found it for even less on another website. Go figure! I had a little Buyer's Remorse at first because I had read a lot of bad things about the robot dog during the days that I waited for it to arrive. But when it did arrive, I was fairly impressed. Right now, I could only dream of building such a thing! But maybe someday...

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