15 May 2002 Automiton247   » (Journeyer)

I have soldered quite a bit of the line following circuit together and it works...sort of! I am not that great at soldering yet, but I think I am getting better. My first solder was to the battery connection and making the positive and negative power buses for the circuit. Well I messed up somewhere (I think my points of solder all ran together) and my power switch doesn't turn the power off. I have to remove the battery. Maybe I can rig something up later.

The light sensors appear to be working and all the corresponding lights are working (except for one in a row of three. I don't know where I messed up on that one!) Everything seems to be in order, except that the motors are not working! I feel like Homer Simpson building a spice rack! In the end, it might not look pretty, but I hope it works.

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