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I took some time this weekend to debug my line-following circuit. I could get the motors to work, but only one at a time. Also, one side of the circuit wouldn't work when the line-following switch was connected. I spent so much time convinced that it was the line-following switch because it was the only part that I had not tested out on the bread board. I was sure that was where the problem was. I rechecked my wiring and found out that I had incorrectly wired one of the transistors. After rewiring the transistor, everything worked like a charm!

Now I just need to get the body and the wheels put together. Will probably do that next weekend.

I have soldered quite a bit of the line following circuit together and it works...sort of! I am not that great at soldering yet, but I think I am getting better. My first solder was to the battery connection and making the positive and negative power buses for the circuit. Well I messed up somewhere (I think my points of solder all ran together) and my power switch doesn't turn the power off. I have to remove the battery. Maybe I can rig something up later.

The light sensors appear to be working and all the corresponding lights are working (except for one in a row of three. I don't know where I messed up on that one!) Everything seems to be in order, except that the motors are not working! I feel like Homer Simpson building a spice rack! In the end, it might not look pretty, but I hope it works.

Saturday night I saw a commercial for Honda's ASIMO. Although I had allready read about this walking robot, I was still amazed to see it on a T.V. commercial. Maybe amazed is not the word, excited is more like it!

To see ASIMO walking around on Television instead of an obscure website or book, made me feel like the future is just a little closer than it was the day before.

However, the commercial ran very late at night, so who knows how many people really saw it. But at least I got to see it!

I just recieved most of the parts for the line-following robot yesterday. I worked on the line-following circuit today, but I am still a little confused so I will be re- reading about it tonight. I will probably practice soldering this weekend and buy more supplies and tools.

I am hoping to get Sandwich done by the 18th of next month so I can show it off to my parents when they come to town.

I just wanted to thank Steve Rainwater for certifying me as an Apprentice. I will keep everyone updated on my progress with my line-following robot, Sandwich. (I just ordered the parts yesterday. I should actually be able to get somewhere in the next couple of weeks.)

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