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B.R.A.I.N.S software

B.R.A.I.N.S = Biometric Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System

There are many application that can be use with the BRAINS software. One of the application is Project Aiko


Language Program: Basic & C Bits: 32 Bits Resolution: 1200x 740

Control up to 8 camera Control Micro controller,including gyro, accelerometer etc... Control special sensors inside silicone skin. Control human behaviour, mimic pain, tickle, touch gently. Access info. Hwy, for Temperature and Weather Vision: Reading, Colour, Math. AI: Learning from the environment and interact with the software Automation, self control Speech: English & Japanese Voice Recognition: Work with most people (No training require) AI Conversational:13,000 sentences Access Background from foreground. Face recognition 250faces /sec including multiply people in the same room 3-d object - recognize in 3-d Trace mouth, shoulder and heart. Trace human motion such as arms and hands

Unique: 1) Voice recognition (No training voice require) 2) Easy to understand voice speech 3) Reading, anything the software can not read, it will spell it out. 4) Face fast detection and accurate, 250/sec 5) Detect mouth, shoulder, and heart (can be use for future arm robotic to feed handicap) 6) 3-D object recognize, and trace object movement. 7) Trace human motion such as arms and hands 8) Can recognize a face with or without the hat.

Application: Robotics,Multimedia, Airport, Military, Information desk, Security, Medical-hospital, Adult Companions and much more

You can watch video demo of the software on youtube below

Youtube video Software

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