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Memes of Russian Artificial Intelligence

Sun.14.OCT.2012 -- Restoring the Expression of Direct Objects

The Russian artificial intelligence (RuAi) is failing to say a direct object after some verbs. After manifold troubleshooting, we determined why VerbPhrase was not calling NounPhrase for the direct object. Finally we discovered that the word "YA" for "I" was being stored with a spurious "dba" of "4" as if it were an accusative direct object. At the start of InStantiate, we had to stop testing for merely a zero "seqneed" and test also for a "dirobj" flag set to one ("1") as a precondition for setting "seqneed" to five "5" for a noun or a pronoun -- still assuming that "seqneed" deals with either verbs or direct objects.

Mon.15.OCT.2012 -- Preventing Misrecognition of Verbs

The Russian AI is recording a known, second-person Russian verb as if it were a first-person form. Then errors creep in because the RuAi tries to say something in the first person but erroneously uses the second-person verb-form. As we troubleshoot, we discover that OldConcept is not recording the proper "dba" values for inflected case or grammatical person. Further troubleshooting reveals that OldConcept was searching backwards for the first instance of "oldpsi" and accepting its "dba" value, which is not trustworthy for verbs. We commented out the offending line of code, and the AI Mind in Russian stopped mixing up the grammatical persons. Onwards now to the Technological Singularity of memetic lore.

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