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Sun.25.SEP.2011 -- VisRecog Visual Recognition

The JavaScript artificial intelligence (JSAI) from the AI4U textbook has finally reached a stage where the free strong AI software may be embodied in a seeing robot. Although the JSAI as an AiApp could see out through the camera of a smartphone, the JavaScript programming language is not suitable for controlling the MotorOutput of a robot. The MindForth AI in the Forth programming language is capable of controlling a robot, but there is some question whether software packages such as Open Computer Vision (OpenCV) can be ported into Forth so as to implement VisRecog, or whether perhaps the computer vision tail should wag the AI software dog and either MindForth or the JavaScript AI Mind should be ported into one of the OpenCV languages so as to accelerate the emergence of robotic True AI.

Sun.25.SEP.2011 -- Implementing VisRecog

In JavaScript we create only the stub of the VisRecog module, because we need to show where VisRecog belongs on the robot AI MindGrid in case an enterprising robot-maker or a skilled AI mindmaker decides to take up the Grand Challenge of integrating the thinking AI software with the seeing robot hardware. So first we expand the English bootstrap EnBoot sequence of the JavaScript AI by adding in the English vocabulary words "SEE" and "NOTHING" as a verb to discuss robot vision and a noun or pronoun to serve as the default "nothing" that the stub of VisRecog can actually see. When VisRecog reaches a stage of development commensurate with OpenCV, we may expect the robot visual system to say things like "I see a bird" or "I see you".

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