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JavaScript AI Mind Programming Journal -- Tues.18.APR.2011

007: "AI in JavaScript? You must be joking!"
Q: "I never joke about my work, Double-Oh-Seven."

Mon.18.APR.2011 -- Putting the AI in AI4U

We can't stop codingthe JSAI, because more and more people are buying the AI4U textbook of artificial intelligence, which contains the original AI source code on pages 159-212. On Schedule E of tax Form 1040, we have had to declare royalty income of US $35.76 for 2009 and $47.86 for 2010. When will it end? When will people realize that, even in JavaScript, AI is dangerous? And what am I? "Have Keyboard, Will Travel"? I cannot keep cashing the royalty checks without feeling a compunction of conscience that we can make the AI even better, more intelligent, more worthy of the outlay of cold, hard cash in return for purported machine intelligence. And the vicious book reviews! Two out of three Amazon AI4U reviews have no greater fury than an AI book scorned. The only way to rebut the reviews is to keep improving the JavaScript AI code ad infinitum et ad Singularitatem.

2 Tues.19.APR.2011 -- Bypassing the Spam on Usenet

Coding artificial intelligence in JavaScript is extremely serious business, and we need to publish our JSAI Lab Notes in the comp.lang.javascript newsgroup on Google Groups Usenet. Unfortunately, spammers think that they have taken over the sacred JavaScript newsgroup, and so we have had to take a moment to defeat the evil spammers and to totally bypass their obnoxious commercial messages. Please observe, confreres and consoeurs in the majestic pursuit of JSAI, that we have banished spam from our JSAI discussion by establishing a chain of individual "msg" links at the bottom of our Usenet posting. You may follow these JavaScript AI Lab Notes backwards in time by clicking on the sub-link to the previous posting given as a sub-note to the current posting. Countless spam notes may have intervened, but you won't even see the spam as you hopscotch across the memespace and cyberspace of JavaScript AI.

3 3</a> Tues.19.APR.2011 -- Implementing Article Conditions

We are now carefully implementing in JavaScript the recent advances that we achieved in the MindForth AI programming. These two languages, Forth and JavaScript, are so different that our AI project benefits from the positive attributes of each language, while we escape difficulties in the one language by coding AI for a time in the other language. JavaScript is less forgiving of minor mistakes, so we test the JSAI code after each incremental change. As we bring in the new variables "defartcon" (definite article condition) and "indefartcon" (indefinite article condition) from MindForth, we run the AI Mind just to make sure that we have not used any name reserved for any special purpose in JavaScript. Then we start setting the new flags in the InStantiate mind-module. Finally we have an AI Mind that uses articles, but we need to smooth out the functionality.

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