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MindForth Programming Journal (MFPJ) 2010 September 26

Sun.26.SEP.2010 -- Reducing Calls to PsiDamp

Today into MindForth Robot AI we have inserted diagnostic code to announce each time that the PsiDamp mind-module is called, and which other mind-module is calling it. We are trying to suppress stray activations, and we do not want the PsiDamp module to interfere with the normal process of spreading activation.

The AudInput module seems to call PsiDamp from two locations. The call from the second location (during external input) may not be necessary, because it seems to be just a way of knocking down the cresting concept. We should perhaps not even think of a concept as "cresting" during external input, but only during internal generation of a thought. So let us try commenting out not only the AudInput second call to PsiDamp, but also the nearby call to VerbClip. Oops. When we comment out the second call to PsiDamp, we stop getting a correct answer from the AI when we ask "what am i". We get "YOU ARE YOU" instead of "YOU ARE MAGIC". So we re-enable the call to PsiDamp.

Now let us try commenting out or conditionalizing a call from NounPhrase to PsiDamp. Let us require the "urpsi" to be a value above zero, so that PsiDamp does not get called in vain. Actually, the fp091124.html MFPJ entry explains that that call to PsiDamp did not seem to improve anything at all. Apparently it was a defective call to PsiDamp, because no "urpsi" was declared as the concept to be psi-damped. Therefore let us simply comment out that useless call to PsiDamp.

Next we were starting the AI and entering "i am stuff" to give the AI something new to retrieve from the KB for a "what am i" query. The AI kept answering only "YOU ARE MAGIC". Then it dawned on us that we had so many new calls to PsiDecay, that maybe inhibition of "-15" in NounPhrase was not enough. So we switched to "-32" inhibition and we received better results.

Transcript of AI Mind interview at 
19 30 57 o'clock on 26 September 2010.

Human: i am stuff Robot: STUFF WHAT IS STUFF

Human: what am i Robot: YOU ARE MAGIC

Human: what am i Robot: YOU ARE A STUFF

It turns out that the word "MAGIC" still had a negative activation from inhibition and so had to permit "STUFF" to be said.

Upshot: With some success, the MindForth AI is now able to answer both "what am i" and "what are you" queries, retrieving multiple tidbits from the knowledge base (KB) for each line of inquiry. However, there is still some confusing of the "I" and "YOU" concepts. Sometimes the AI ascribes the wrong attribute (predicate nominative) to either "I" or "YOU", and sometimes the AI simply says "YOU ARE I". Sometimes the AI fails to retrieve all the available tidbits. There is much room for improvement, but we now have some good code which we should upload after commenting out the diagnsotic messages.

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