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MindForth Programming Journal - sun24may2009


Recently we gave MindForth the ability to add an "S" at the end of any ordinary English verb in the third-person singular form in the present tense. Thus we can put an "S" on the word "love" and say, "Your robot loveS you" -- if indeed your robot has the EmotiOn mind-module and you are worthy of a robot's love. Unfortunately, we got too much of a good thing -- not love, but the adding of an "S" at the end of a verb. It was straight out of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" by good old Walt Disney, with "S" after "S" being added in a sibilant, hissing flood. So what do we do? We troubleshoot the Robot AI Mind by running the berSerk code and we try to undo the damage.

It is probably better to correct the problem at its source, where each inflectional "S" is added, rather than in the deposition of each "S" in the auditory memory channel.

Now we have eliminated the accumulating "S" problem by using "lastpho" to test for the last phoneme being an "S" at the end of the verb being recalled from auditory memory. It is not a perfect solution, because oftentimes a verb like "miss" will end in "S" anyway. We wish to solve the problem here for most cases and then adjust the solution later for exceptional cases.

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