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The feeble beginnings of war robots

Posted 3 Nov 2003 at 15:56 UTC by Rog-a-matic Share This

The folks in Israel are trying to reduce terrorism-induced deaths by remotely controlling some of their military and earth-moving equipment.

This Article at Newsday, talks about their Humvee and Bulldozer.

I'm wondering if this means a bright future for unemployeed video game players and if this will progress to the next logical step - fully autonomous robotic machines that can follow high-level commands like "Get the bad guys".

Similar stuff has been in the works for a while, posted 3 Nov 2003 at 17:43 UTC by onnimikki » (Master)

There are a lot of similar projects out there, including

Essentially, remotely controlled heavy equipment.

The Japanese have ben doing this for years..., posted 3 Nov 2003 at 22:39 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

The Japanese have been doing this for many years now.
In their country there are special mud slide areas that are extremely hazardous. So they have been using remote controlled bulldozers and earth movers for years as a way to more safley clear the channels and build new channels for the mud slides and stuff.

Where do I sign?, posted 5 Nov 2003 at 01:34 UTC by WhoPhlungPoo » (Journeyer)

Sounds like a fun job, where do I have to apply to get a job knocking peoples houses down or shooting them with a tele operated robot?

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