Will AI Make All Of Us Dumb?

Posted 25 Sep 2003 at 03:44 UTC by steve Share This

A new Guardian article suggests that as machines get smarter than humans, they will have the effect of rendering even the smartest humans no better off than the dumb ones. Instead of speculating on the effect this will have on jobs like most recent articles, the author ponders how education will have to adapt in world where everyone is stupid.

it's too late., posted 25 Sep 2003 at 13:02 UTC by jiggersplat » (Journeyer)

why do we need AI to do it when we already have TV?

Nah it'll balance out, posted 25 Sep 2003 at 14:01 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

The AI's will start to watch TV and be no better off than the rest of us.

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