Prius: The Car That Parks Itself

Posted 2 Sep 2003 at 04:27 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

CNN has an article stating that Toyota has unveiled a car that parks itself. The new Toyota Prius, which is a green hybrid gas and electric car has a new trick: it can back up and park without a human holding the steering wheel. The car has a camera, computer, and can steer itself perfectly, consistantly, and dingless (is that a word?) parking. This could lead to cars that completely pilot themselves. The Prius sells for about $18,000US and the self-parking option adds about another $2,000US.

Who's fault . . . ., posted 2 Sep 2003 at 14:32 UTC by jstrohm » (Observer)

So who's fault is it if the software has a glitch and you back into someone? Your's or Toyota?

In Texas, posted 2 Sep 2003 at 15:26 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

In Texas, it is basically always the person who hits you in the rear who is at fault. There are exceptions, but if you have no witnesses to the contrary.....

In Texas, posted 3 Sep 2003 at 15:24 UTC by jstrohm » (Observer)

But it's the fault of the driver that has the accident. What I'm asking is if it's a robot controlling the car is it the owner of the car (who happens to be sitting in it) who is at fault or the creator of the robot?

It's the driver, posted 4 Sep 2003 at 21:40 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

It'll be the driver who is at fault, robots can't get drivers licenses yet.

But it is pretty cool, I think the only ones who can parallel park anymore are the drivers who take the driver's test for the first time. So having a robot do it is pretty neat.

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