Sharp BlueStreak SoC

Posted 12 Aug 2003 at 20:25 UTC by steve Share This

Development kits for another new controller were announced today that should interest robot builders. This is the Sharp BlueStreak SoC (System on Chip) processor. The BlueStreak LH7A404 is a 32bit ARM922T running at 200MHz with LCD and touch screen controller, Ethernet, Audio Codec, CompactFlash, PCMCIA, SmartCard, USB, I2C, SPI, SSI, Microwire, IrDA, 3 UARTS, parallel, realtime clock, 3 timers, 60 GPIO, 4 PWM and a JTAG port. Since the BlueStreak is ARM-based it will run Linux. The BlueStreak SoC by itself (a 256-ball PBGA part) costs around $40. Development boards are available from Logic starting at $349. Logic also makes BlueStreak-based "card engines"; tiny 3" x 3" boards with all the surface-mount parts (the BlueStreak, 64MB SDRAM, 32 MB Flash) already in place.

I think it might be a while to get these things, posted 13 Aug 2003 at 17:28 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

It looks all promising and such, but all the photos show the older dev kit with the older ARM cpu, which is a TQFP package versus the new one which is only offered in a BGA package. It may be vapor ware again.

Availability, posted 13 Aug 2003 at 18:40 UTC by steve » (Master)

I called the Sharp sales rep to see what I could find out and was told the LH7A400 chip (which lacks the PWM) is stocked and available now from places like Digi-Key and Arrow. The LH7A404 (with PWM) won't ship for several months. Apparently the same is true on the development boards from Logic. The ones based on the LH7A400 are available now, the ones based on the LH7A404 will be available later in the year.

There is a good sign though, posted 14 Aug 2003 at 14:08 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

At least you can get the Sharp chips through sources other than a distributor. Places like Digikey sell them, which I consider a good sign. This is much better than what you get whwn you try and buy Hitachi chips, which are only sold via their distributor network. The dealers then only want to sell to big companies, not the little guy. If I could have only gotten the ARM version GnuC++ to work on my machine....

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