Posted 17 Jul 2003 at 03:43 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This says that US researchers invent wall climbing robot. Actually, Rhex, doesn't climb walls yet, but they hope to give it gecko-like feet someday so it can scurry up walls. US and Canadian researchers of DARPA are expiramenting with walking, swimming, and climbing robots that can go over and through all types of terrain. Of course Rhex, also fights terrorism! Basically, Rhex is more of a dexterous robotic hexapod platform to research and mimmic how creatures walk, climb walls, jump, and swim and to adapt, hide and camoflauge itself. Rhex's perceptual processing and cognitive computing runs on top of QNX. It any event, Rhex's flailing six spinning legs are a sight to see as it lumbers over obstacles and through terrain and water so check out the movies!

More articles..., posted 17 Jul 2003 at 03:52 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Accidentally hit post before I was ready...

Here's some other articles...

Swimming Aqua RHex video, posted 17 Jul 2003 at 23:24 UTC by onnimikki » (Master)

The Aqua Video hosted on It's a large video, but it really shows you some of the exciting possibilities with this really cool robot.

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