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Freshmeat today carried the initial release announcement for AvrIDE v0.1, a new IDE for Atmel's AVR micro controllers. The IDE GUI is based on the standard Gtk+ cross-platform graphics toolkit. The program relies on the uisp in-system programmer for communications and gcc for compilation. AvrIDE, Gtk+, uisp, and gcc are Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.

It still agravates me..., posted 19 Jun 2003 at 19:38 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

It still aggravates me that for all these "thousands and thousands" of supposed to exist applications for Linux and Unix that I still cannot find programs to do things I want. One problem, a simple text terminal program that allows me to download text files to a MCU at the end of a serial cable. You need to be able to set the time delay for each character and EOL. I have had several tantalizing tries at some programs, but they all lack downloading or time delay features. I couldn't find one for my Sun Ultra 5 or for my Linux box. I'll have to look at FreeBSD maybe they have something.

Two problem, there is no voice modem capable program that allows me to use the machine as a answering machine, that can also handle incoming faxes too. I had to use a Commodore Amiga for over 10 years after they went out of business for this. Only recently did they come up with a program for Windows that almost is decent, all i can say is that it works. The Amiga had the best program ever written for this. What is odd is the Amiga had a terminal program to do my first problem, whihc is interesting.

Yeah I know I can write something myself, but I want to program MCU's for robots instead.

What about minicom?, posted 19 Jun 2003 at 20:52 UTC by steve » (Master)

Have you tried minicom? It's the standard serial term program on most linux distributions. We've were using it at the DPRG lab a couple of weeks ago to talk to a SBC.

It doesn't do time delays, posted 19 Jun 2003 at 21:50 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

When I looked, it doesn't do time delays, for individual characters and EOL's. Thus you can't download to some MCU's or DSP's like the ISOPOD, et cetera.

I did find a Tcl based terminal program for Solaris, but I haven't tried to see if I could get it to work or not, as I would have to write in my own time delay features.

try this..., posted 19 Jun 2003 at 22:37 UTC by steve » (Master)

minicom uses ascii-xfr to do ASCII upload/downloads. In minicom, do an alt-a o to get to the config screen, then select "file transfer protocols" for the file xfer protocol settings. On the ASCII protocol, add "-l 200 -c 50" to the ascii-xfr program command line to get a 200ms line delay and a 50ms per character delay (adjust the numbers to whatever you need).

Wow, posted 19 Jun 2003 at 23:17 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Now that's what I call service!

Thanks I really appreciate it, posted 20 Jun 2003 at 14:08 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

Wow! Thanks, just what I was looking for.

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