Robot + Coaster = Robocoaster!

Posted 12 Jun 2003 at 02:20 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Tech TV has an article about the first robotic amusement park ride called Robocoaster. Remember the movie The Iron Giant where the boy got a ride in the car courtesy of the big robot? That's sort of what this is. You get in it and a big robotic arm whooses you around. Very cool. It's a scary 30 foot tall and 8000 pounds, but what's more scary than that? Well, it's run by Windows. No foolin! ... pause a few seconds and introspect ... Now if you were brave enough, you could have gotten a ride at the International Robots & Vision Show in Chicago. Did anyone in Chicago get to ride it?

Blue Screen of Death, posted 12 Jun 2003 at 20:48 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

Well that'll work until the get the famous "Blue Screen of Death", then it'll be all over even before the fat lady sings.

Using Windows , posted 12 Jun 2003 at 21:30 UTC by steve » (Master)

It always boggles my mind that anyone would seriously consider using Microsoft software in a potentially life-or-death situation, much less in a mission-critical application. Remember that Navy ship a while back that went dead in the water due to MS Windows bugs?

Splat!, posted 13 Jun 2003 at 01:25 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Perhaps it also simulates bungie jumping?

I can't beleive...., posted 13 Jun 2003 at 02:12 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

The Yorktown propulsion system crashed when someone entered a zero in a data field.... I can't beleive they had such incompetent programmers that couldn't add some simple "IF" statements to prevent a zero value from causing a "divide by zero" error condition. Like that is taught in the entry level programming courses even. Of course I could be wrong, there sure seems to be a lot of incompetent programmers around nowadays. Maybe they don't teach such things anymore.

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