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Posted 11 Jun 2003 at 00:55 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

After being held up for several days, Nasa finally broke through all the hold ups and thunderstorms and today launched the first of the their two robotic rovers off to Mars. Nasa recently named the two rovers: the previous designations were Mer-A and Mer-B, and now their names are Spirit and Opportunity (with Spirit being the one sent off today). The rover will arrive sometime in January and will explore for signs of water and life. This is the second of the Mars trio robotic rovers.

Toys...where are the toys?, posted 11 Jun 2003 at 15:53 UTC by jeffkoenig » (Master)

Is Matchbox, or anyone else, planning on making replicas of "Spirit" and "Opportunity"?

My Sojourner has been exploring the bookshelf above my workbench for years now, and would sure like some company.

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