AI's Second Century

Posted 19 May 2003 at 19:56 UTC by steve Share This

IEEE Intelligent Systems marks the begining of a second century of AI research with a trio of optimistic articles. In Brain Power (PDF format), Nigel Shadbolt suggests developing a working AI depends on being able to duplicate the only example of an intelligent machine available to us, the human brain. And today, neuroscience is giving us more information than ever before about how the brain works. Tim Menzies follow this up with 21st Century AI: Proud, Not Smug (PDF format), in which he provides, among other interesting things, a hype-cycle chart for AI showing the alternating periods of despair, hope, and disillusionment in the field. And, finally, Tyrus L. Manuel gives us, Creating a Robot Culture: An Interview with Luc Steels" (PDF format), in which he interviews the well-known researcher about robots and the Turing Test.

Human brains are the only intelligence?, posted 20 May 2003 at 03:32 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Human brains are the only intelligence? That's weird, I thought there were other intelligences (intelligi?) besides only the human brain. What about the other animals, fish, insects, spiders, certain plants (venus fly traps?, certain defensive trees?), etc out there. Don't they have some sort of intelligence? Actually, human brains themselves are not the intelligence, it's what is done with the brain that makes it intelligent. Why do they always have to model intelligence after something? Why can't they just figure something "intelligence" on their own without modeling it after something else? Intelligent minds want to know? It seems people do that all the time with their robots by not modeling their robot after a human brain. Granted, I can't read the PDF file from work so I couldn't read deeper to see what he meant, but it seems that limiting their model of intelligence just to the human brain seems limited to me. Awe Nevermind.

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