Making Robots More Like Us

Posted 11 Mar 2003 at 13:58 UTC by steve Share This

A Business article describes the current split among robot researchers on what the immediate future holds for robots. Some, such as the Japanse, are working quickly toward general-purpose, humanoid robots while American companies are tending towards specialized, single-function robots such as vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers. But while the two groups disagree on form and function, they both believe robots need more human-like intelligence to succeed in a human world.

edward scissorhands, posted 14 Mar 2003 at 16:03 UTC by ObsoleteSuperMan » (Observer)

any one who had seen this movie may be thinking.. ack, what a waste of film. i personally liked the movie. in a flashback scene, the old man who made edward got the idea for him by holding a cookie up to a robotic cuisineart. he then started work building edward. before he was finished, he sat and read a book of etiquette to him. all he did was twich, i'm assuming because he had not been programmed fully or learned to move yet, much like a child or robot. i really want a robot that already knows a few things, that i can teach more. start of with simple things and hopefully it will be intelligent enough to understand simple sentence instructions. HMHY

Artificial Intelligence Robot. look it up or goto

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