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Robot Mapping Antarctic Waters

Posted 3 Mar 2003 at 14:42 UTC by steve Share This

Nature has a short article on Autosub, a long range, deep-diving, AUV that will try to map the waters beneath the Antarctic ice. As part of the Autosub Under Ice project, the robot sub will map the ocean floor, the bottom of the ice as well as recording salinity, temperature, and currents. The researchers believe the mission is dangerous enough that they give the robot 1 in 4 odds of being lost. You can watch the progress of the AUV on the expedition diary website which is updated daily with photos and progress reports.

Autosub is very cool.. , posted 6 Mar 2003 at 10:53 UTC by Jhoffa_ » (Journeyer)

I like this thing allot.

This is a good, practical application for autonomous robots.


i agree, posted 7 Mar 2003 at 16:04 UTC by ObsoleteSuperMan » (Observer)

excellent example of a robot doing things that a human could not do. go robots!

I can also see.. , posted 7 Mar 2003 at 23:09 UTC by Jhoffa_ » (Journeyer)

Automated farm machinery being a huge thing in the future.

People like toys like AIBO, but (imvho) what's going to bring a robot into every home isn't toys, but practical, real world applications..

Like the one they have found here. It's ideally suited for this kind of thing.

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