Stephen Grand and Lucy

Posted 1 Mar 2003 at 17:05 UTC by steve Share This

The monkey-like robot, Lucy, built by Stephen Grand is in the news again. This time a it's Wired article giving a consice overview of Grand and his plan to create an intelligent robot that starts out stupid and learns like a human child. For more information on Lucy see our previous article.

who you calling stupid!? eh?!, posted 5 Mar 2003 at 19:46 UTC by ObsoleteSuperMan » (Observer)

this is similar to my project. It my hopes that my robots will start off a little more aware than stupid. I want my robots to start from above average and go from there. everything be it robot or animal, has some sort of behaviors already programmed in. Why start the robot off stupid. Make it smart and get it smarter.

Reminds me of "Chucky" , posted 6 Mar 2003 at 10:55 UTC by Jhoffa_ » (Journeyer)

I'd be scared to sleep in the same house as that thing.

dont be scrrrd!, posted 6 Mar 2003 at 20:49 UTC by ObsoleteSuperMan » (Observer)

chucky was an evil looking doll to start with. most of his parts were made in poor countires over seas that i can't pronounce. most likely molded by sons and daughters of starving witch doctors. then not to mention had a murders soul zapped into it. besides basic words and other intelligence, my robot will have safegaurds as close to the 3 laws of robotics as possible. this is what makes my project so fun. i have to write code for a robot that can start of smart and get smarter and grow to have it's own personality and memories, then i have to go back and write code that can write this code for me depending on what the robot will be used for, who will use it and what sensors and physical robot body is used. any one interested in joining this project? Project Help Me Help You is taking members.

oh yeah..., posted 6 Mar 2003 at 20:51 UTC by ObsoleteSuperMan » (Observer)

why would anyone want to make a robot look like that. is that supposed to be a girl doll robot thing. lucy has gender issues i think.

Yeah, It is supposed to be a girl robot. , posted 7 Mar 2003 at 08:09 UTC by Jhoffa_ » (Journeyer)

Model it after that hispanic chick from zoro or something.. she's attractive. Anything beats what they got in that department.

But, that's JMO.. "Beauty" is supposed to be in the eye of the beholder. I am sure that guy is very pleased with his robot, so if it's good enough for him that's all that matters.

(Even if it's looks can peel paint!)

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