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Canada to Arm the ISS

Posted 17 Apr 2001 at 13:19 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Canada's Space Agency has built the Canadarm2 also known as the Big Arm (the space shuttles have the small arm) as their contribution to the International Space Station. You can read articles at Canada's Space Agency, ABC News, CNN, Space.Com, and NASA. This thing is basically a $1.4 billion dollar, 35 hundred pound crane that will play a part in connecting the bus sized parts of the Alpha station. It's almost 60 foot long and moves around the outside of the space station by two connections which walk about in a hand over hand fashion connecting and disconnecting as it goes. The 11 day mission will launch on Thursday to attach the big arm to the station. Other missions will add a rail car so that it can get around the station faster and another mission will even add fingers to the big arm. You can read more about the Canadarm2 here.

You can read more about the Canadarm2 here.

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