Russian scientists claim new artifical brain

Posted 16 Apr 2001 at 16:11 UTC by Rog-a-matic Share This

Scientists in Russia say they have created a 'neuro-computer' that is a 'thinking machine'. This article at Yahoo gives sketchy details.

Thinking of humor., posted 16 Apr 2001 at 22:42 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

It only took it a moment before it figured out the recipe for vanilla pudding and that the answer to everything was 42. That would be really cool if they did get this thing thinking. It stamps 666 on everyone's forehead and we name it the beast and it takes over the world! But really, I loved that part about bringing up the child right or it might turn into Frankenstein's monster! Although I can see the point of that, it sounds like hollywood horror B movie material. "Like wow I'm so smart that I made like this thinking computer and wow, like we forgot to put an off switch on this thing and dang it's hooked to all the neuclear warheads!" [All your bases are become ours.] What if you just networked a zillion of these monkeys together, would it generate the works of shakespeare, opps I forgot... the interenet already did that. But really, what would a thinking machine do with its spare cycles? Surf the internet of course. We may already have a russian computer masquerading as a user like... "The Swirling Brain". No, but really what would it do if it could think. Besides the obvious philosophical stuff like (1) How can I get that guy to quit turning me off, (2) Is there really a God, (3) Am I a slave, (4) Do I really have to adhere to Arthur C Clark's 4 laws of robots, what would it think? Well it probably wouldn't think any better than a human would it? Probably more like a two year old level or so. Even if it did, there's probably not a human alive that would say it was better than a human. So therefore, I declare that this system and any system like it sucks and doesn't deserve to be built. :-) So now that if it did think, then we would only allow it to think acceptable and approved thoughts. In comes the thought police... no one expects the spanish inquisition! This thing gets to thinking and wow, it's not what we want it to think so do we turn it off and start over or do we go back to the last incremental backup where before it thought wrong? So, the computer is raised and never allowed to think wrong thoughts. What happens when it encounters something wrong! Well it explodes because it never figured how to deal with bad things and either accept them or reject them. So then finally they remove the thought police and let it become good or bad as the thing sees fit and they try to raise it right, and then someday, our little boy has to take wings and live his own life now. Naw, we'll just turn it off. Here's where you continue the story...

Here's the original Interfax news release, posted 16 Apr 2001 at 23:19 UTC by steve » (Master)

It's even smaller than the AFP release Yahoo! was carrying. The original release is on the Interfax news web site. The fact that neither Vitaly Valtsev nor the International Information Science Academy seem to show up when searching google or fast makes this a bit suspect. I seem to recall a group in Russian pulling a similar stunt a year or two ago in which they claimed to have developed a CPU that was hundreds of times faster than anything in the US.

A little more info..., posted 20 Apr 2001 at 01:18 UTC by steve » (Master)

The Christian Science Monitor is covering this now too. No new information but they do have some comments from US researcher who seem as skeptical as us about the whole thing. The article can be found here.

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