JPicProg - Java-based PIC Programmer

Posted 4 Jan 2003 at 20:51 UTC by steve Share This

JPicProg is a Java-based tool for programming PIC microcontrollers. Among the supported features are erase, program, verify, read, hexdump and more. It supports a variety of programming hardware and PICs. JPicProg is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.

Has potential, posted 6 Jan 2003 at 03:40 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Looks like there still has a lot of work to be done on it, but it looks like it has potential. Just the fact that it doesn't have a licensing fee would have me using it. Really a program like this is pretty easy to make and I should know, I've made a few of them myself (even made the hardware side too), but it's always nicer when someone else does the work for you. Glad to see they have the GUI in the plans. There again it should have had GUI from the start if they're any sort of java programmer but I alway like to see people on a learning journey so that's ok. I might try using it if I ever get around to programming some pics anytime soon just for fun!

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