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Posted 13 Dec 2002 at 00:42 UTC by steve Share This

A new EE Times article offers the thoughts of Tsugio Makimoto on robot engineering. Makimoto is a technical advisor to Sony Corp. He comments on the AIBO and SDR-4X as well as some of the more interesting bits and pieces insides such as a spherical three-axis acceleromter made by Ball Semiconductor and a MEMs-based gyrometer from Analog Devices.

The MEMs Gyroscope Chip works good, posted 13 Dec 2002 at 15:09 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

I recently was successful at building up a Gyro/Accelerometer combo PCB using the MEMS chip ADXRS150 and the ADXLS202 Accelerometer. Both chips are from Analog Devices. I've submitted a article about what i did to DPRG which will hopefully be published later.

Anyway, the MEMS Rate Gyro chip works really nice and is easily interfaced using a ADC (preferably a ADC in your MCU of choice). It typically outputs a +/- 7mv per degree of Rate change, the faster the change the higher the voltage change you get.

Don't know much about the robot, I noticed a number of websites that have users upset with Sony's policies on what they are allowed to code up for. So considering the price, it turned me off.

Maybe I don't want to do all that, but it would be nice if I could.

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