Gecko Climbing Robots

Posted 5 Apr 2001 at 23:47 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Technology Review has an article about Gecko Climbing robots. These are robots that have sticky feet to climb up a wall like a gecko does. also has a story on Gecko Climing bots. And here's yet another article on the Gecko Climing Robots.

Sticky hand, posted 5 Apr 2001 at 23:48 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

I can just go put 25 cents in a vending machine and buy one of those sticky hands or sticky octopus and make a robot out of it!

Gecko feet, posted 6 Apr 2001 at 00:25 UTC by steve » (Master)

As a keeper of a couple of Leopard geckos, I thought I'd note that not all geckos have those atomic-suction feet. Leopard geckos have plain old feet with old-fashioned claws. They can't walk on walls at all. They can walk on vertical surfaces if their claws can get hold - stuff like cork, for example. Most of the Geckos with a species name starting with "Gekko" (like Gekko gecko or Gekko petricolus) have feet with the atomic bonding action. Not sure which other species have it. Anyway, not that any of this really has anything to do with robots... but it is interesting stuff.

I remember sometime back when they first dicovered that some geckos were actually bonding at an atomic level with surfaces they walked on. Makes you wonder if you should worry about a critical-mass of geckos (or what happens when two geckos touch their feet together - gecko meltdowns?). There's an article with some close-up photos of a Tokay's feet here for those who are interested in the lizard perspective on the story. :-)

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