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Posted 23 Sep 2002 at 13:58 UTC by steve Share This

EE Times published an article last week on the progress of the personal robotics industry. The author predicts that we're in the equivalent of the Pre-Cambrian era of biology and we will soon see a Cambrain explosion that will make the personal robotics industry bigger than the automobile industry. Many of the well-known biped robots and commercially available personal robots are covered in the article.

When will they ever learn..., posted 23 Sep 2002 at 15:39 UTC by jeffkoenig » (Master) stop using the automotive industry as the baseline for an industry's size?

As if there isn't enough egg on the face of whoever declared that the "Segway" would be at least that large.

Before the automotive industry, what was used to mean "really, really big"?

Cool article, though.

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