The ARVI LL1 Does Windows

Posted 22 Aug 2002 at 13:12 UTC by steve Share This

The Advanced Robotic Vehicles LL1 ROV cleans windows. Not just any windows. It scales the I.M. Pei pyramid at the Louvre, using suction to hold itself to the glass as it cleans the surface with a squeegee and rotating brush. A Seattle Times story has the details. Also check out the ARVI M50 and M100 autocrawler ROVs which can clean and wax your airliner.

This doesn't suck, posted 23 Aug 2002 at 22:02 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

No one probably cares but... Actually the force of suction doesn't exist (or so I've been told), but rather it's the force of atmospheric pressure that holds the robot onto the wall. So the bigger the so-called suction plate the more surface area there is for atmospheric pressure to hold the robot onto the wall. That's why people are blown out of a spaceship instead of being sucked out of a spaceship. So, FYI, this robot would probably not work in the pressureless so-called vacuum of space. However, I'll bet cleaning these windows without the aid of this robot would really suck.

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