Techsol Medallion CPU

Posted 8 Aug 2002 at 13:02 UTC by steve Share This

Techsol has announced Linux 2.4 support on their HY7201 SBC, a new low cost ($200) ARM-based SBC that includes a 60MHz ARM processor, 16 or 32 MB RAM, up 4MB of flash, up to a 32MB Disk-on-Chip, SVGA, matrix keypad support, USB, audio in/out, 2 UARTs, and more (see below for complete specs). All this is on a credit-card sized board.

32-bit ARM720T RISC static CMOS CPU
60MHz Operating Frequency
8Kbytes combined instruction/data cache
Memory Management Unit (MMU)
Piccolo DSP (supports soft modem)
512-byte Instruction cache for Piccolo DSP
Interrupt Controller
On-board Memory
- Flash: 512KB to 4MBytes
- RAM: 16/32MBytes
Disk-on-Chip: none/16/32MBytes
Peripheral Interfaces
- LCD Controller (640x480)
- SVGA Controller (800x600)
- Touchscreen Interface
- Keypad Interface (8 x 11 matrix)
- Infra-red (IrDA) Interface (4 Mbps or slower)
- USB Host Interface
- USB Device (Function) Interface
- Stereo Audio In (8-bit ADC)
- Stereo Audio Out (8-bit DAC)
- IIC communications
- 2x UARTs (up to 115 kbps)
- Modem Control Lines
- Multimedia Card Interface
- JTAG Debug Interface
- 3.3V Supply Voltage
- Low-power Consumption

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