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Posted 28 Jun 2002 at 06:23 UTC by blueeyedpop Share This

Robogeeks is an online exploratorium for beginners and experts. Turorials, features and construction techniques will be explored.

I have finally launched Robogeeks. It is a place beginners and experts can go to explore new ideas. Beginners tutorials will be covered as clearly and as deep as possible. I am using my group of amature first- timers that I am tutoring as my sounding board and proving grounds.

I will also share construction techniques, as well as other sources of vital information.

Added tonight:

Turning an optical mouse into a long distance motion, direction, and velocity sensor(maybe distance too!)

The servo hack and beyond.

Building a bot from the ground up.

These articles are in their 90% finished stage, but I wanted to show the world my new baby.

Submissions for articles are gladly accepted.

A link..., posted 28 Jun 2002 at 12:39 UTC by steve » (Master)

When posting articles, always try to include an actual link related to the story so people don't have to cut and paste a URL.

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