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Robots for star travel

Posted 16 Mar 2002 at 11:20 UTC by scienceboy2 Share This

This article is about how one day robots may be able to travel to the stars. They would not need food, and if an atomic energy plant could be built on the starship, the robots would have plenty of means for autonomous travel and recharging.They could then return hundreds of years later to report what they had seen, with pictures and samples for the people as well.

Imagine if robots really could do that with an atomic reactor onboard, because they would have no radiation to harm them, and they could recharge themselves. They would do it all for free, because you do not have to pay robots. They could travel to those distant systems, repairing themselves along the way, and when they got there, that glorious moment, they could don powerful armor and acually CONTAIN a piece of the star by sqeezing its matter into a VERY HEATPROOF sack. They could then return to earth, years later as said before, and people would rediscover the star. Then the robots just MIGHT be able to protect a human for space travel. The space robots could be reused iand reused, always self-repairing and re-charging as needed. The footage from cameras, if there were any, would be incredible at the part where the star came into view. I really believe robots could make the journey.

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