Do Batteries Hold Back Progress?

Posted 3 Mar 2002 at 16:30 UTC by steve Share This

CNN has an interesting article talking about the slow progress that has been made in battery technology compared to digital technology over the same period. The batteries used today are essentially the same ones used in the 1950s. Best quote: "Had batteries advanced at the pace of the computer processor, `a double-A cell would contain more energy than a tactical nuke.' " There are also brief mentions of battery-replacing technology that we've covered before such as hydrogen micro-turbines and mini-fuel cells.

Reply to "Batteries", posted 12 Mar 2002 at 23:52 UTC by scienceboy2 » (Journeyer)

I agree with CNN's opinion, but I do not agree with the scale. True, batteries could be more powerful, but I doubt they could compare with nulear power. The alkaline in a battery cannot be advanced, unless something besides alkaline is used. If you could use pieces of the sun, however, it would greatly surpass nuclear energy. Imagine THE SUN and its imense heat power in a battery. I think CNN overdid the alkaline advance.


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