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Posted 25 Nov 2001 at 16:04 UTC by steve Share This

Wired has an article on the current state of research into neuron/semiconductor interfaces. Researchers are close to building semiconductor nanostructures that can communicate with individual neurons. These interfaces would allow the development of a wide range of bioelectric devices, from adapters that would expand the human brain using add-on RAM or CPU modules to diagnostic equipment that could take readings directly from the human nervous system. There is also work being done on robotic, prosthetic limbs and bioelectric vision and hearing sensors to correct blindness and deafness.

organic circuits, posted 5 Dec 2001 at 16:39 UTC by Serac » (Journeyer)

I've seen an ariticle on how some group of scientists were able to create a circuit form slug nuerons...i know it sounds crazy but i really did see the article, it was rather fascinating. If i think of it i might be able to find the site, i just need to dig up my old research paper and find my works cited page...

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