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UUVs locate the Flight data recorder and memory of AF447

Posted 2 May 2011 at 18:54 UTC by IKE_RobotsPodcast Share This


As we reported earlier, Unmanned Underwater vehicles operated by the BEA are searching the ocean floor for debris that could shed light over the tragic accident of Air France flight AF447 almost two years ago. BEA is the French authority responsible for technical investigation of civil aviation accidents or incidents and has successfully located the wreckage by using a variety of specialized ships, expert personel and UUVs. Following the phase 4 of the search that started on April the Remora UUVs operated by Phoenix International located and recovered the CSMU, the memory data-logger that should reveal many useful details concerning the causes of the accident. A few days earlier the flight data recorder casing has been found. The FDR and CSMU consist what is commonly referred to as the ‘black box’. You can read more information about the findings on Ares blog links for the posts about the CSMU and the FDR. Flight International magazine reports that these units will arrive in Paris in about 10 days and the search operations are continuing in order to find and recover the cockpit-voice recorder.

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