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This summer seems to be packed with lots of sci-fi and especially robotic sci-fi movies! Yea! And this years sci-fi movies have more colons in their titles than in previous years so you know the sci-fi franchices are really in rare form this year! So without further adue, lets talk sci-fi and robot movies!

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Monsters Vs. Aliens Yeah, I know, Monsters vs. Aliens came out about a month ago but I thought I'd include it anyway because I really liked it and it was a real blast! If you haven't seen it, find a kid for an excuse and take them to see this movie. It's a lot of fun! Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 72% or a ripe tomato so you know it has to be tasty! Try to ignore all the "I am woman, I can do anything" nonsense (or I'm sorry not nonsense but actually brilliant stuff if you're a flaming feminist, are Lifetime addicted and a fan of The View - just kidding - light humor - no feminazis necessary to watch this movie). Once you get past Helen Redey dejavue it's really a fun movie. I really loved it and the woman hero thing really worked! Don't tell my wife but the cgi lady is kind of hot especially in her cool final blue Tron glitter type costume. It was a fun and a wild ride adventure for the whole family. Well sort of but I'd give it high ratings at least and relatively very very few feminazi red stars - much fewer than expected - no really.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men Wolverine just came out May 1st and is still in theaters. Rotten tomatoes gave it a 36% or a rotten tomatoe which means it didn't get rave reviews. I'm still going to go see it probably. Eh, what do the critics know? So what if there are plot holes the size of Extremely large fat mutants, I'm going to see it! I love the X-Men movies, even the second and third. This one probably has a wolf face that only a mother could love but I think I'm going to love it. One has to wonder if it would have done better if it weren't for the the internet leak? Anyway, rumor has it that they'll be making more X-Men spinoff movies (Deadpool). Did I mention I haven't seen it yet. Why haven't I? hmm.

Star Trek Star Trek will be coming out tomorrow (this Thursday May 7th, 2009)! If you've been following the trailers, this one looks like a must see movie! I haven't read spoilers but someone told me rumors that it has to do with one of the classic original episodes ideas and time travel. No Star Trek don't try to do another botched up Time Travel movie. Anyway this one looks like they didn't screw up. Will it be better than Star Wars? Probably not unless you count episode 1. I can't really remember if this Star Trek is an even numbered good movie or an odd numbered bad movie? I don't know which, but from the trailer it looks entertaining. Of course my wife works at a florist and can't get away and is making me wait to watch it until after Mother's day. Someone call me so I can sneak out and watch it without her and then act surprised when we go. I'm thinking it might be good enough to see without the mrs.

Terminator: Salvation Terminator Salvation will be smashing out May 21st and wow who can stand the robotic acting anticipation? What's it about? I don't know but from the trailer it looks like John Conner finally makes it to the future and it's not what he expected. Hey, the future is never what you expect, expect that! People get grabbed up, robots think they are humans, dogs and cats sleeping together, total chaos. Anyway, if you're a Terminator fan, then you're in luck here lately. Think about it! Sarah Conner Chronicles and Terminator: Salvation both going concurrently. It's like Terminator up up down down round and round side to side and every where you turn me inside out and into a human! It's great! Rumor has it that Arnold might be back or at least his face in cgi off in the distance where you can't tell it's him. Anyway, if you've seen the trailers and you've seen them this far in advance, you know it's going to be a block buster! Or so we hope.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Yippee, Transformers (2) is coming out June 24th! Here again, with trailers coming out so far in advance you know this one has to really smash some serious transforming butt! So, will Megtron come back? and will Optimus Prime Die? Oh yes the wonderful viral get you teased and off track rumors! Who cares? It looks like it's going to be fun! Here's a really cool Transformers trailer breakdown from IGN.

Astro Boy I've already started seeing trailers for Astro Boy which will be coming out October 23rd (very extremely late Summer?). It's a cgi kids movie about a robot boy! It look really cool! And again, with trailers this far in advance, well you know they're putting money on it that it's going to be good! We probably need to see it!

If you haven't heard about some of these movies, go to Rotten Tomates or Coming Soon or IGN and watch the trailers. You'll be glad you did! Mother's day is coming up, though, so you probably ought to take your Mom / Wife / Girlfriend / or yourself if you are so inclined to a chick flick instead! ;-)

Did I miss any upcoming sci-fi or robot goodness? Remind me below!

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