Methane Fuel Cell in Your Bot's Future?

Posted 3 Oct 2001 at 18:38 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

I saw this article on ZDNet that talks about Motorola Cell Phones powered by Methane Fuel cells. Methane Fuel Cells seem like a great way to power a robot for long periods of time and are seeming to become more and more popular these days. Apparently that's what Slug Terminator Bot as previously reported on robots.net is using to power itself by the way of capturing slugs and then letting them digest to emit methane gas and then that gas is piped into a methane fuel cell to keep the robot electrically powered so that it can find more slugs. Also, here's a CNN article about methane fuel cells. One would think with all the methane that is generated at dump sites and waste treatment plants that it's a potential goldmine for generating electricty. Why aren't there methane fuel cells on every cow in the US?

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