AI: Kurzweilian Utopia or Meatbags be Damned?

Posted 12 Jan 2009 at 21:02 UTC by steve Share This

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies has published an essay on AI by Michael Anissimov titled, "Inevitable Positive Outcome with AI?" Michael tackles what he believes are common misconceptions about AI including the idea of a Kurzweilian Utopian in which "human beings will magically fuse with AI the instant it is created" and those who believe the "challenge of programming it for benevolence or moral common sense is trivial or already solved." He proposes specific reasons why these positions are in error having to do with the way in which AI is being created. He warns that it's just as likely AI could result in a monomaniacal day trading machine "thinking so far outside the box that it decides to take control of the entire stock exchange, or even the world economy, and manipulate it precisely to maximize its personal utility, meatbags be damned." We posted about a similar essay by Michael on the dangers of AI in 2007.

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