Need More Robot Gift Ideas?

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The Makezine blog offers you their Robot Gift Guide full of cool robot gadgets, kits, and toys from the Maker Shed. As they note in the intro to their list, "In the last few years, the world of hobby robotics has exploded. Driven by the plummeting prices and ubiquity of microcontrollers, servomotors, and other electronic and mechanical components, the growth in personal fabrication technologies, and the success [of] commercial toy, hobby, and domestic robots." You may even notice a few items they have in common with our own annual Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas list. I spotted the i-Sobot, the Pololu 3pi, the Mechamo Centipede, and the Tiny Cylon kit. But they also have a lot of other ideas for you too. Wrex the Dawg, the BEAM robot Maker Bundle, Herbie the Mousebot (pictured above), even an inflatable robotic blimp. There are lots of other robotic goodies there too, so check it out - and don't forget to buy a a few gifts for your friends at!

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