Citroen's C4 Dancing Robot ad is "Staying Alive!"

Posted 19 Oct 2008 at 20:23 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

We've reported before on the Citroen's C4 Dancing Bot Best '05 Car Ad. The original c4 video was a bloody smashing UK hit in 2004. Then Citroen revised their famous ad by adding a stretch workout before the dancing jive started. This year, they have an all new funky steppin' out Citroen C4 "Staying Alive" dancing robot which dances through New York. Perhaps this NY BeeGees video is Citroen's stylish way of a British invasion introducing the C4 to American Shores? Naw, the Find-a-Dealer web page lists only UK Cities but there's still hope. If you go to Citroen's website they also have a robot dance off competition where you can send in your dorky video imitating the C4 dancing robot car where you can try to win a trip to New York (?or a C4 dance kit?). I for one welcome our new dancing robot overloads to the US!

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