Is Our Understanding of Image Processing Wrong?

Posted 5 Aug 2008 at 16:30 UTC by steve Share This

Emanuel Diamant has written a paper that will be published as a chapter in a forthcoming book, "Frontiers in Brain, Vision and AI". His paper has the provocative title, "I'm sorry to say, but your understanding of image processing fundamentals is absolutely wrong" (PDF format). Diamant observes that the biggest argument about machine vision is whether we should be working on visually-enabled cognitive systems or cognitively-enabled vision systems. He says this argument is groundless because "perceptual and cognitive faculties of vision are separate components of human (and consequently, artificial) information processing systems". Whether you're interest in robot vision or human vision, this is an interesting read. For more of Diamant's idea on vision, see the list of previous papers available on his website.

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