Environmental Risk Assessment Rover-AT

Posted 6 May 2008 at 20:05 UTC by Rog-a-matic Share This

How far are you from a Superfund site or Nuclear power plant? How many chemicals are in human breast milk? Well, you need a ERAR-AT V1.0 - Environmental Risk Assessment Rover–AT to find out, aggregate the threats, and help you understand the riskiness of contemporary life. While difficult to call a robot due to its lack of self-mobility, ERAR-AT looks ripe for upgrades with a couple of synthetically lubricated gear motors, a ROHS-compliant H-Bridge, and a hexavalent chromium-free drive train. After all, it already has key components of robotification including a solar power system, GPS, and vast array of sensing elements. ERAR-AT can also project video of fourteen-tiered threat levels onto natural and architectural surfaces in a similar way as R2D2 spilled the beans with that Princess Leia Hologram trick. This question stands out among the many asked: "Why has modernity, which was supposed to create a sense of security, produced more anxiety and threats than ever? "

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